Friday, January 16, 2009

Frances Bennett

Here is a professional photo taken of Fran i believe sometime between 1936 and 1938. She was just so beautiful on the inside as well as the outside.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

War Ration Book

In January 1940, food ration books were issued is the United States. In some areas of the country the rationing did not end until August of 1945 with sugar rationing lasting well into 1947 in some parts of the country. My mother had always told me about rationing and how the hardest part for her ws not being able to purchase silk stockings. For me it would have been the food LOL. A few years ago I was browsing an antique shop in Georgetown, Texas and found this Ration Book. It is Book Four, which was the last one issued. With each book came different restrictions. I had to buy this since it was only a couple of dollars and I thought how neat it would be for my children and grandchildren to be able to see. This particular book belonged to a woman in Houston and still had many unused stamps inside. Now 'm on a mission to find Books one, two and three. Read the IMPORTANT note on the back of the book. Recycling is not a new idea!

Newlyweds first grocery bill 1939

After Ron and Fran Bennett returned home from their honeymoon in 1939, the first order of business was to go grocery shopping. The attached is the actual receipt. They purchased 26 items, the most expensive item cost 30 cents and the bill totaled $2.89. On the back of the receipt the new Mrs. Bennett wrote , our first grocery bill Mr. and Mrs. R.H. Bennett Nov. 1, 1939 The store was Lou Lewis Food Market in the Heights area of Houston I have lots more to share about Ron and Fran. Lots of pics and stories in the future.

Coney Island 1955

Ya know the saying "when Mom's happy everyone's happy"? Not so much...Looks like Mom is the only one happy in this photo which was taken at Coney Island. My guess is that us kids were pretty tuckered out or we had just gotten scolded for something.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Really, growing up when my Dad told me he had to wear knickers as a kid I really thought he was stretching the truth a bit.....then I came across these 3 pictures of him. I'm guessing that he is about 12 years old in all of these. he is the middle boy on the swing and in the picture with the two men, his Dad is the one on the left. These are in pretty bad shape and since I know nothing about photoshop i see the oportunity to start learning.


Here are 2 pictures of my Dad. One was taken when he was 5 years old, about 1924 on the side of his house. The second one was taken in almost the same exact spot when he was home on leave during WWII.